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  • Homeowners can post up to 100 words.
  • Homeowners are responsible for the content and proofreading of their own ad.
  • Ads are placed in dated order with the most current ad listed first. Ad content must be appropriate.
  • The Kensington Club Website Committe can reject/remove ads based on content or NSF checks.
  • Homeowners who submit NSF checks will be charged $35 for each returned check.
  • Must be Kensington Club resident.
  • Business/Commercial ads are not allowed.
Ad cost is $5 per 30 day run. The $5 helps offset the cost of the website and will include an email blast to the community the first day of your ad letting everyone know what you have to sell or what service you provide.
Currently accepting the following categories only:
* For Sale
* Help Wanted
* Wanted Items
* Services (including things like babysitting, lawn mowing and snow shoveling.)
Payment for the ad is accepted ONLY in the form of a check and must be made payable to KENSINGTON CLUB HOA. Please note WEBSITE CLASSIFIEDS on the memo line.
  • Email your ad to
  • Mail or Deliver your check to Kensington Club HOA c/o Linda Bragg 24101 Newcastle St.,  Plainfield, IL 60585. Checks must be received before ad can be posted and cash is not accepted.
We hope you find this section of the website useful.
Thank you

None listed at this time.